Thank you for becoming a Member of the Conservative Party of Canada.

You are being proactive in helping direct your federal government by making sure you have a say in who represents you in Ottawa. I want to be your Federal representative.

Join us for the Candidate Voting Day where you will help choose the Federal Conservative Candidate for Chatham-Kent-Leamington. 

On that day I am asking you to vote for me to be your Candidate. I have the successful business experience and track record in community advocacy to be a strong voice for you.

For those in the Tilbury-Wheatley-Leamington area, the Voting Day is:

Where: Knights of Columbus Hall, 20 Dupuis St., Tilbury, Ontario
When:  Friday, November 2nd, 2018
Call to order and candidate speeches will begin at 6:30 PM.
Registration and Voting will begin after the speeches and will end at 9:30 PM.

For those in the Chatham area, the Voting Day is:

Where: Club Lentina’s, 250 National Rd. Chatham, Ontario
When: Saturday, November 3rd, 2018
Call to order and candidate speeches will begin at 10:00 AM.
Registration and Voting will begin after the speeches and will end at 2:00 PM.

Mike’s roots shows he understands rural strengths and urban opportunity. Mike grew up on a small family farm where he learned the
concept of hard work, commitment, family values and the appreciation of a dollar.

Mike and his wife, Paula, who grew up working at her family owned business, R.C. Flood Grain Elevator in Maidstone, both attained their Masters in Business Administration degrees and are successful business people, owning six Tim Hortons franchises in Chatham-Kent. Mike and Paula live in the country with their son, Carson, and enjoy both the challenges and rewards of building a family business together.

The Grail family has always been close to politics: Paula’s mother, Joan Flood, was the Mayor of Essex and Paula’s brother, Kevin Flood, ran as a Federal Progressive Conservative candidate. After 25 years, the Grails agree that the time is right for Mike to take a leading
political role that would allow him to help the people and the communities he believes in.

Mike appreciates that business and politics are similar in that they both require strong leadership and vision, 100% commitment,
fiscal prudence and common sense. Mike believes that having a strong voice for Chatham-Kent-Leamington in Ottawa will have a
sustaining, positive effect for our future generations.

Mike Grail is a respected business leader
• Tim Hortons National Advisory Board, Director • Chatham-Kent Energy Board, Director
• Middlesex Power Distribution Centre, Past Chair • Children’s Treatment Centre Foundation of C-K, Founder and Chair
• Festival of Giving Charity Event, Co-Chair • Wallaceburg & District Chamber of Commerce, Director
• Wallaceburg Jr. ‘C’ Lakers Hockey Club, President

Mike Grail is an active community supporter
• 2018 – Ontario Volunteer Service Award
• Co-Chair, Festival of Giving (5 years). In 2010 alone, raised $365,000 for local charities
• 2018 – Donor of the Year, Children’s Treatment Centre of Chatham-Kent
• 2016 – Ambassador; recognized for 23 yrs of contributions to Tim Hortons Children’s Foundation
• 2014 – Customer Service of the Year Award, Tim Hortons
• 2008 – Community Builder of the Year, Business Excellence Award
• 2007 – Citizen of the Year, Business Excellence Awards
• 2006 – Community Builder of the Year, Business Excellence Awards
• Supported hundreds of Charities and events over the past 25 years, including: Outreach for Hunger, Big Brothers Big Sisters,
Relay for Life, International Plowing Match, Children’s Treatment Centre, Salvation Army, Sertoma Club, V.O.N

Respected Community Supporters who are Endorsing Mike Grail:
• Jack Carroll (Former Chatham-Kent MPP)
• Neil Wood (Lawyer, PC Fundraiser)
• Steve Baker (President, Union Gas)
• Jennifer Wilson (Respected Community Supporter, Strong Conservative)
• Greg Aarssen (Respected Businessman, Strong Conservative)
• Wes Thompson (Respected Businessman, Community Supporter)

Agricultural Industry
• Recognize and build on the strength of our Agricultural Business
• Increase capacity throughout the entire food supply chain
• Encourage investment to advance technology and increase profitability for growers
• Identify and fill gaps within ag supply chain: seed technology, manufacturing, distribution, retail opportunities
• Open new global markets and rely less on the U.S., currently our largest trade partner
• Develop simpler systems for growers to attract migrant workers when no Canadian workers are available
• Provide infrastructure funding to repair/replace roads, bridges and highways to maintain rural access

Small Business
• Reduce taxes and create higher paying and more meaningful jobs
• Find solutions to labour shortages and lack of skilled trades
• Improve technology for greater capacity and efficiencies
• Develop infrastructure to attract new business and industry, especially in our rural communities
• Reduce regulatory burden and red tape

• Invest in technology that is critical to growing rural communities and allowing them to thrive
• Invest in continuing education for technological advances, innovation and robotics
• Improve infrastructure to bring opportunities for capacity and job creation to rural areas

Our Youth
• Retain and attract youth by providing meaningful work and competitive wages
• Create affordable housing solutions
• Showcase the benefits of our lower cost of living and quality of life in C-K-L

• Focus on issues for our aging population, ensuring that medical facilities are adequate and accessible
• Provide accessible and affordable housing solutions for those wanting to be independent
• Preserve art, culture and recreation in our communities

• Regulation and systematic changes to allow refugees to enter Canada legally and in a timely manner
• Stop asylum seekers that cross our border illegally: #Welcome to Canada is the wrong message to send people seeking
Asylum. We require people with skills, a willingness to work and a commitment to respecting Canadian laws and values
• Protect our Citizens from people who seek to cause harm and treat fairly those that obey our laws and respect our Canadian

It takes Experienced Leadership to properly represent Chatham-Kent-Leamington in Ottawa.

We deserve a strong voice who knows our community’s strengths and will fight for our rights, protection and prosperity.

Vote at the nomination event on November 2nd or 3rd for Mike Grail!
For more information on Mike, please call him directly at (519) 365-1431.